a multi-dimensional book of
Queer Femme Poetry

Poetry has always occupied a central role in all of my creative pieces, whether it be a spoken word performance, a multimedia installation combining the spoken word, writing, image and sound; poetry has always been the vessel of vulnerability that guides my art. I began writing Sol not as an artistic project, but in my journal as an intimate way to document my journey of qpoc love, magic, heartbreak, healing and growth. I began searching for poetry that encapsulated the pain I felt through the words of another queer latina and when I couldn’t find any, I wrote my own.  As intimate and precious as this collection of poems and journal entries have been for me to create, they will be even more precious in the hands and hearts of those that are searching for resonance in their healing.

Short synopsis of Sol:
A work of tenderness and queerness. Poetry and journal entries blend in and out of time and space, intertwined with accented words from home to encapsulate a ghost feeling of queer love, heartbreak, healing and transcendence. Infinite compassion and forgiveness trail the pages of this book as well as the shadows of anger and confusion that come together to conceive a gentle honesty. Healing is not always beautiful, to pretend it is will only keep the wound open.