camp dartmouth
diagnosed with clinical depression
needing to validate my existence
not being seen
afraid to leave my room
unspoken, required permission
membership in the community is conditional,
on your unconditional acceptance of the systems it is built from
the token
bury it here
and move on
i am allowed
but i am not welcomed
they ignore my intersectionalities
this was actually a safe space
because we made this place ours
i blended in
i blended in quite well
he warned me
dartmouth would be toxic
i will not be my greatest,
happiest self
until i leave hanover
forged a way to exist
this will not last forever


this is a work about dismantling, about disrupting. this is a work about pain and healing. this is a work about strength and resilience. 

a million thank yous to these wonderful women who shared their stories with me. you are strength. you are hope.
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